Everything is changing… we have just had the solstice, new moon and an eclipse, people are being pushed through the eye of a needle, squeezed to emotional extremes, all purposeful and ultimately healing, sometimes not easily seen from a straightforward human perspective.  It seems that each day can leave us with a new thought, especially if you are still connecting with mainstream media over the health and power plays currently going on, as powerful creators it is important to embrace the change… bearing in mind that wind will flow easier through a tree that is well rooted than a brick wall.

We all have the ability to create new realities through different thoughts and as most spiritual teachers state as adults we would take heed to be like the children, to look at life with the wonderment of a child, simple advise but easily forgotten.  I think as adults we go through a period of comparing our lives with peers through jobs, property, having a family and all the stuff we are supposed to take seriously, it is all about what we have, external, this is what is breaking down now, this age of materialism as more and more have realised, (lock down played it’s part here) that it is the simple things that bring us the most joy.

Keep it simple… if you are wondering what creates a wonderful life, look in wonderment at life.


The Pony and the Man-Made Man now has a facebook page.  This is a recent review from a Steiner/Waldorf teacher.

Very thought provoking…. powerful. We liked it and were captivated throughout.

Age group wise I definitely say over nine years old to really be able to think about it but I know many people would read it to younger children.  However you have tapped into something which would speak to any age group for sure!

I would say 5+ in mainstream schooling.  Please help to spread the word.  Launch date is now 8th July in UK.  10% of direct sales will go to an ocean clean up charity.

Thank you!


High vibes for balance…

Lock down easing has quickly become global unrest.

From a personal perspective I feel that those that undermine anyone, whether it is just small cutting asides and judgments from a family member, to overt physical abuse by those who believe themselves to be above the law…it says so much more about them than their victim.

Power battles are rife in the majority of human relationships.  The abuser will always find a victim as a victim will attract abuse, it is all about our personal energy.

The spiritual me knows that a shift in consciousness is taking place, as the planet evolves for the better, the timing of this is no accident, the virus was the start and the next few years are going to be transformative but not an easy ride, real change only comes about when we really address the root of a problem and that means going deep, looking at our shadows, of which there are plenty.

Change on the outer starts with the inner journey, as an energy therapist I know how we inherit trauma and trapped emotions from our ancestors just as much from childhood, when I was in an abusive relationship I had to change my perspective to a more spiritual viewpoint, the bigger picture so to speak, that shifted my vibration to a better reality.

If you feel any unrest, these tools can help…

Ho’oponopono a fantastic Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness.

Clearing trapped emotions, personal or inherited.  The Emotion Code – Bradley Nelson.

EFT – YouTube have many clips.

It is always an inside job and the more we do on ourselves the more it benefits the whole so everyone’s a winner.










Grounding the seed…

Let us cultivate our garden… from Candide by Voltaire.

Ideas are the seed that germinate in our brain, they then are nurtured by the heart and take root given the right conditions to go out into the world becoming whatever it is we thought of.

This period of confinement has allowed me to not only germinate seedlings, to admire and eat but it has held me in one place long enough in order to birth my new children’s story, it is all very well living in the higher chakras of idea and inspiration but if I can’t bring them down to earth then I will always be a dreamer…

Grounding is definitely a part of humanness I resist but the thought of not doing and living in regret is far stronger than taking the required action to birth this story into the wider world…and who wants to regret anything when you come to your last breath?

Having written this story, a few years ago, I was encouraged by a dear friend of its possibility and slowly, slowly I have finally reached a point where I have let real children read it, the process of getting to this point has also been about dealing with long held beliefs as much as editing the story, a whole co creation of its own, the fear of being judged, is it boring?  Is it too long?  All limiting beliefs that needed racking over, my intention for this story is similar to any beautiful flower that has been loved and nurtured, make sure that it is planted on well tilled, fertile soil and then watch it bloom.

Addressing the marketing from the ‘should dos’ to the ‘could dos’, needs a bit of work still but I’m getting there and committing to working every morning on just that.  I will be spending the rest of my day in the garden, talking to my lovely seedlings and plants.

Such joy and anticipation of what is and what is becoming.

The Pony and the Man-Made Man due to launch 22nd June 2020, more information to follow.

Suppression of expression…

During any crisis there are without doubt opportunities; businesses that fail and those that thrive, humans who relish new challenges and those that do not.  For some the chaos somehow creates a new spirit that is born from within, this is root chakra energy of fight or flight, we finally feel alive being out of our comfort zone and through this creativity ensues.   This pause of life is about bringing balance and recognising that there is a new way of being, that we can create a different life, if anything we are adaptable, the unfamiliar quickly becomes familiar.

Feeling love or fear is a choice, though not many of us even know that, (I am going on experience here) I was not taught to trust myself on a heart level so I didn’t trust life, physically I had freedom and trust my body but emotional awareness had to be learnt, as a child brought up in the ‘seen and not heard’ generation, it took me until recently to fully find my voice, when you are never asked how you are or what your opinion is then it is never used… my dear mother, a strong, little power house of a woman, brought us up to judge and critic others, it is her way or the highway, never any discussion.  She would finish our sentences or interrupt without listening, I know enough now to see and understand that she is only operating from her own pain, that little inner girl is so stuck, and I can find appreciation in the freedom we were given but she definitely still comes with a ‘handle with care’ sticker regarding any deeper enquiry.

Once I learnt about the mind, body, spirit connection I reflected on how, as children our suppression of expression caused teeth problems and tonsillitis, a sure sign that the throat chakra is blocked.

Because of my silent childhood I become rather wary of when others are hushed, as a human I feel we all have the right to express our truth, all perspectives are valid. This week some speakers who are not going along with what mainstream news are feeding us were shut down across all their social media platforms.  Waiting for a live stream to start and then suddenly ‘server not found’ comes up… intriguing don’t you think?  What are the powers that be so afraid of?  Surely in shutting them down they are given even more power, like any suppression whether through antibiotics for our health or silencing freedom of speech, life will find a way and sometimes it will come back stronger.  Perhaps the concern is that we will get sucked into anothers reality by listening to an alternative perspective and their version of their truth.  I love listening to conspiracy theories, to me it’s as if they are one side of the river and what mainstream feed us is the other side, the bridge we can build ourselves or just leave it open as I would wish most minds to be.

The majority of what I hear though always leads to the same place… love.  Change comes through love,  when we love and appreciate anything our vibrations change for the better, in that we change our reality as our worlds become more loving and not fearful places, we witness kindness not greed, trust where mistrust was once. Our capacity, as humans to love is extraordinary but it all starts in the mirror.

The more you integrate all aspects of yourself the more easily the answer will come, we will not be going back to the old ways, there is a divine plan, make peace with your fears and move towards the love.

If you are anxious about anything, job, money, relationships… ask yourself…

What would love do?



Health, wealth and happiness…

During this time of lock down/up/in/out (depending on perspective), our focus has turned to health, those that look after us when we desperately need it and what we can each do to stay healthier and fitter.

My co-lock down mate and me differ hugely on what we will eat and what we deem as a balanced, healthy meal, he is definitely old school thinking.

For me the energy of the food is what matters, I do not see the point of eating anything that has little nutritious value… my children definitely put my recipes in to the “nutritious not delicious” category but it my defence it was important to me that they ate as much organic as possible, even if it was just simple dhal with rice and some fresh vegetables but vegetables that were local, seasonal and freshly picked, it did help that we had the wonderful Riverford Organic farm on the doorstep, also my children went to a Steiner School where part of the curriculum was gardening, based on Bio-dynamic principles, parents could buy freshly picked vegetables weekly.

Our planet matters to me. Food matters to me. Vegetables in particular.

When we incarnate we are issued with this magnificent, unique body, it is ours for life, no one else has the same body, (unless you are an identical twin, body the same, thoughts not so much).  Surely if we have learnt anything from this it is to look after it better, to me a healthy vibrant body can only come from within, mind, body and spirit, all connected and all needing to be fed with love and care.

I’m not sure all the money in the world could replace good health, to help our NHS or any health care provider more, surely prevention of dis-ease is the next positive action to take.  Our bodies are self-healing… we are not robots, where one drug fits all, how can we be when we are all unique?  The fuel we absorb is as important as our thoughts and beliefs and the physical exercise we take.

Growing salads, herbs or sprouts (alfalfa or mung beans) can easily be done on a windowsill, fresh, nutritious, vibrant, living foods, simply done and rewarding.  Spices have healing properties too, cayenne pepper is exceptionally good for heart health and circulation, worth doing some research yourselves on these though, like everything, if it resonates with you then follow the energy.

Go well, go healthy, go happy.





A new normal…

As I wrote ‘normal’, somehow in paying it attention to that word, it sort of shape shifted, this word when first said became distorted in slow motion and weirdly different, this happens sometimes.

Kind of like now, during this lock up, each minute, hour and day may contain different thoughts and emotions, some will distort what we think of as normal, it may have us questioning our sanity and what we believed was a normal life and as our weeks shape shift and we adapt to restricted movements and possibly challenging living conditions.

When my life was seriously challenged, I had to turn myself inside out, I read self help books and listened to alternative thinkers, I became conscious of what or how I wanted things to change and then dealt with my sub-conscious programming that believed me to be less, my normal was living in fear not this now normal of flow, trust and joy.

We all have the chance to create a new normal, for ourselves, our families, our community and for our precious planet.  When limited we can become our most creative and with that new thoughts are birthed, the old thoughts released into possibility for the new… one person at a time… as we are all part of the bigger picture… the wave of consciousness will carry everyone to a new shore.

My thoughts have taken me to living more off grid, to creating a sustainable, zero waste home with a bio-dynamic garden where I can live more in nature and perhaps do off-grid camping and retreats.   I have seen and heard just how incredibly fast the environment has recovered from less travel, how the skies have cleared and the empty streets are being explored by wildlife; the coyotes on Golden Gate Bridge and sheep roaming Welsh towns but a few.

It does raise the question as to how we thought this normal behaviour, the way we factory farm animals, deplete our soils of any nutrients and use pesticides indiscriminately.

It is little wonder our Mother Earth has put us on the naughty step.








One day at a time…

If you have been in a 12 step programme you will know that it is about taking one day at a time.

As our planet is in it’s own state of recovery, all of us have been asked to pause our lives and reflect….on what really matters and who matters.

Although I have relative freedom of thought, my physical world is small, lockdown has made little difference but as a curious seeker of new thought that enhances my vibrant self I am meditating daily and listening to inspiring speakers offering their perspectives on what is going on.

If you feel like the rug has been firmly yanked from under your feet, perhaps it is time to ask yourself… am I still standing?   It may be that the rhythm of the day has disappeared but now you can design your own rhythm, beat to your own drum as we all shift in consciousness.

If you are feeling any emotional reaction to how your days have changed then work with that… we do not have to be what society deems as an addict to become addicted to something, I know that I have an addiction to Solitaire and a mighty challenging lockdown jigsaw to do…. but I am not judging myself around it.

It is about responding rather than reacting… breathe if you can, just taking a breath can also help.

The spiritual me knows all is well… This is not so much happening to us, as for us… the human me is appreciating that I have a garden and able to get out into nature…

Breathe and appreciate.

Oh and it’s a super full moon tonight/early morning depending on where you are… that can also push suppressed emotions to the top.

Go well xxx


What a difference a week makes…

Our world has come to a grinding halt.

I am a witness to this disaster movie, streaming at me from all directions, I am intrigued watching the live news coverage, listening to our prime minister and other more alternative takes on this extra ordinary pause our earth has decided on.

Yes, I know there have been films made of pandemics but I never wanted to star in my own one,  I don’t do drama!

We are not in total lock down here and even so I am lucky enough to have a garden, fields, woods and places to walk without troubling others.  I have no reason to complain and I appreciate this fact every night before sleep.

This pause on life button was predicted.  As a global shift in consciousness and changes to all the old systems is being birthed, the old ways are falling now, for each of us our reactions to what is happening is most important, are we a victim or empowered… they are ends of the same stick with two very different realities.

There is always an opportunity, it may not seem like it if you are ill, you have lost your job or are concerned about elders, finances or anything else.  But have faith, we humans are resilient, we are creative, we are kind, we are caring, we want to help others, we want to be of use and we love.  When we browse the internet and look at how communities are coming together, it is heart warming.  Know and trust that all will be well, this drama will have it’s happy ending, it may not be the one that you would have written but for the bigger picture on humanity, it will be a blockbuster.

Meditate, go to your happy place, walk in nature (if you can), listen to high vibe speakers, be with loved ones, and know to your core that all is well, all is perfectly unfolding according to a divine plan.











Well being, well planet…

I realise my perspective is slightly off centre, but all perspectives are valid, that is what makes us all so important in this global mix of consciousness.  We all matter as we are all unique.

At the moment we are being tested, a virus doesn’t have boundaries and does not care whether you are rich or poor.  This virus brings us all back to being equal, a celebrity can catch it just as easily as your neighbour, a head of state as easily as your co-worker.

As I healed, I shifted vibrations as I became happier and more joyous, illnesses became rare, I can not remember when I last had a cold, cough or when I last went to a doctor, if I did it was for a prognosis so I could work out the trapped energy as to why I had the dis-ease in the first place.   The acne rosacea was a blessing as it lead me to here.  As with anything, law of attraction is bringing what we want and do not want depending on our beliefs and energy.  If we are fearful for our health then the chances are you will contract something as that thought has power … what you resist, persists.

As countries go into lockdown, workers are told to stay at home, plans are changing rapidly as events are cancelled, postponed and priorities reassessed, do we need to go and do this or that?

What we are having to do is become more present in our day to day life.

From our human perspective it may be hard to believe that there is any good to come out of this but I strongly believe that there is a bigger plan, there is always a bigger plan to wake us up.

I have just seen footage of Italians singing from their rooftops uniting in their cities as curfew restrictions are enforced.  This is human connection at it’s best.

Responsibility for your well-being helps towards a well planet.






Love or fear…

When you get down to the nitty gritty, there are only two emotions.

Love creates appreciation, joy, happiness, trust, peace and acceptance in the unfolding.  Fear creates negativity, control, worry, mistrust of life.

Love is light, love is freedom.

Fear is power.  Fear controls.

And we get to choose where we direct our thoughts.

I would do this when I felt fear, it may help…

Feel the fear/doubt/negativity/anger in your solar plexus area, then visualise moving it up to your heart space and then simply let it go out of your body and aura, the energy of love will dissolve that fear as the higher vibration out trumps that lower one.  You may need to practice this a few times, but it is well worth doing.  (Not to be done whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.)