What a difference a week makes…

Our world has come to a grinding halt.

I am a witness to this disaster movie, streaming at me from all directions, I am intrigued watching the live news coverage, listening to our prime minister and other more alternative takes on this extra ordinary pause our earth has decided on.

Yes, I know there have been films made of pandemics but I never wanted to star in my own one,  I don’t do drama!

We are not in total lock down here and even so I am lucky enough to have a garden, fields, woods and places to walk without troubling others.  I have no reason to complain and I appreciate this fact every night before sleep.

This pause on life button was predicted.  As a global shift in consciousness and changes to all the old systems is being birthed, the old ways are falling now, for each of us our reactions to what is happening is most important, are we a victim or empowered… they are ends of the same stick with two very different realities.

There is always an opportunity, it may not seem like it if you are ill, you have lost your job or are concerned about elders, finances or anything else.  But have faith, we humans are resilient, we are creative, we are kind, we are caring, we want to help others, we want to be of use and we love.  When we browse the internet and look at how communities are coming together, it is heart warming.  Know and trust that all will be well, this drama will have it’s happy ending, it may not be the one that you would have written but for the bigger picture on humanity, it will be a blockbuster.

Meditate, go to your happy place, walk in nature (if you can), listen to high vibe speakers, be with loved ones, and know to your core that all is well, all is perfectly unfolding according to a divine plan.











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